About Us

  • ALOHA Driving School, Livermore, CA

    ALOHA Fast Facts

    • DMV Certified License #4146
    • We love what we do!
    • All employees are Live Scan Fingerprinted
    • Professional and respectful, specializing in teen instruction
    • Female owned and operated
    • DMV Certified Classroom Drivers Education & Online Drivers Education
    • DMV Certified Behind-the-Wheel Instruction
    • Completely Private Behind-the-Wheel instruction
    • Home and School pick-up for local students
    • Licensed, Insured and Bonded

    We love what we do!

    ALOHA is a locally owned and operated business. We are located at 1857 First St. in Downtown Livermore. The Chamber of Commerce gave us a warm welcome as we proudly celebrated our grand opening in 2004!

    As the owner of ALOHA, I saw a need for a new era of driving schools in my hometown. I had a vision of change for the stereotypical driving instructor and driving school. I wanted to create a new atmosphere for students so that learning to drive would no longer be fear based but knowledge, skill and fact based. I knew that when I took behind-the-wheel 20+ years ago there was not an option of having a female instructor and when I did some research that was still primarily the case. This fact, along with the lifelong desire to own my own company and work with youth put the wheels in motion for ALOHA’s debut!

    As ALOHA became more of a reality than a dream I left my job as a telecommunications specialist and returned to where my original interest had always been, working with the youth in my own community, in the very town I was born and raised in! I graduated from the high school many of my students attend and until a few years ago some of my students were being taught by teachers who I also had! I love my job, I love that the community has welcomed ALOHA and parents and students have embraced our teaching techniques.

    I have huge concerns about drinking and drugged driving and the horrific effects distracted driving is having on our society. I dedicate a lot of my classroom instruction to these topics. Keeping teens alive is a daily motivator in my line of work. I am grateful to have been given the opportunity to instruct thousands of local students and I look forward to teaching future students to be responsible licensed drivers.

    If you have chosen ALOHA you have come to the right place! All instructors are Live Scan finger printed and anyone who works for ALOHA is trained by ALOHA. Combined, ALOHA instructors have over 50 years of experience training students to drive. The staff at ALOHA is respectful, patient and very thorough in training each student. A very important fact to acknowledge in regards to a driving instructor is that they like teenagers since that is the primary age group instructor’s work with. At ALOHA my staff works very well with teens. My staff is comprised of school teachers, YMCA Directors, coaches, prior youth group leaders and people who have chosen a career in teaching teens to drive. All ALOHA instructors are well versed in working with teens and more importantly our staff has chosen to and enjoys working with this age group in particular. The primary objective is to teach students to become excellent defensive drivers. We want each student to acknowledge the huge responsibility that comes with getting a license.

    At ALOHA we are very proud to be a part of such a memorable right-of passage. We never take for granted the fact that what we are teaching will save lives.

    Thank you for considering ALOHA,

    Karen Murray